Rimini It is located on the Adriatic Sea, on the coast between the rivers Marecchia and Ausa. It’s one of the most famous seaside resorts in Europe, thanks to its 9-mile sandy beach, over 1,000 hotels, and thousands of bars, restaurants and discos.



The Free Beach
Rimini is a beach resort. Neat rows of umbrellas and loungers as far as the eye can see. You’re welcome to rent a beach lounger and umbrella with the rest of the crowd. Or join the fascinating mix of local characters on Rimini’s spiaggia libera – free beach)Bring your towel, find a spot, and save your money for an aperitif. Bonus, you’re in for some of the best people watching on the Riviera.


Federico Fellini
Federico who? The great director and winner of 5 Oscars. Fellini is to Italian film what Dante is to language and Michelangelo to art. When the beach get’s too hot, visit the Fellini Museum or cool off in Piazzetta Teatini, one of his favourite hideouts.

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The Old City
Founded by the Romans in 268 BC, this city is old. Roman emperors erected monuments like the Arco d’ Augusto (Arch of Augustus) and the Ponte di Tiberio (Tiberius Bridge), while during the Renaissance, the city benefited from the court of the House of Malatesta, which hosted artists like Leonardo and produced works such as the Malatesta Temple. More recently (1989),  in the Piazza Ferrari the Domus Del Chirurgo (The Surgeon’s House) was discovered with an extraordinary collection of medical items. A word of warning, don’t speak while passing under the Arco d’ Augusto, it’s bad luck.

Borgo San Giuliano
Across the historicPonte di Tiberio, you’ll find another of Fellini’s favourites. The San Giuliano district. This old village is a labyrinth of narrow streets and cobblestones. Once a poor fishing village, it has become popular with writers, artists, writers and musicians.

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