Welcome to the NOPANIC GALLERY

We host independent photographers from around Italy. A relaxed, homely atmosphere,where photography and the photographers, are extremely accessible. Guest artists are given hospitality at CAMERECHIARE in exchange for displaying their work and contributing a piece of work to their gallery, created during their stay in Rimini. Inside the NOPANIC GALLERY we host exhibitions, concerts, talks, and masterclasses. Our space is open to photographers, illustrators, and other arts.When we aren’t displaying works from independent artists, NOPANIC GALLERY is home to Enrico’s personal collection, including works from:

  • Maria Vittoria Backhaus
  • Roger Ballen
  • Gabriele Basilico
  • Mario Beltrambini
  • Jacopo Benassi
  • Giulia Bersani
  • Silvia Camporesi
  • Silvio Canini
  • Paolo Ciriello
  • Giulia D’Anna Lupo
  • Enrico Fantoni
  • Roberta Ferlin
  • Morena Fortino
  • Luigi Ghirri
  • Mario Giacomelli
  • Massimo Giacon
  • Bob Gruen
  • Guido Harari
  • Alberto Korda
  • Antonin Kratochvil
  • Tanino Liberatore
  • Giulia Marchi
  • Andrea Pazienza
  • Marco Pesaresi
  • Giuseppe Pino
  • Paul Ronald
  • Tazio Secchiaroli
  • Malik Sidibe
  • Toni Thorimbert
  • Gianluigi Toccafondo
  • Angelo Turetta
  • Marco Vincenzi

For more information about hosting an event @ NOPANIC GALLERY, contact us here.



Vietato lamentarsi, vietato pensare, vietato piangere” by Giulia Bersani.